Theory of Change

Problem Statement

Persistent inequity in education threatens our collective future.

Focus of Change

Creating a family of exceptional school communities serving youth and families in Oakland.

Our Stance

All young people have the potential to become lifelong changemakers who realize their unique vision—rooted in their identity, knowledge, and skills—to create equity in their own lives and in the community, leading to a healthier, more joyful world.

Organizational Strategies

  • Prepare students for college success with academic skills, a sense of self, and the ability to navigate university systems.
  • Bring forth young people’s natural curiosity and ability to pursue their interests and affect change.
  • Teach and learn using engaging curriculum and instructional practices that put students at the center of their own learning.
  • Recruit, hire, develop and retain excellent, culturally competent educators who reflect the communities we serve.
  • Create an environment in which all people feel safe, respected, bring their authentic selves, and thrive.
  • Intentionally build a restorative and responsive school community that supports character development.
  • Mindfully address a lens of systemic oppression and integrate cultural identity into curriculum, communications and programming.
  • Work to transform leadership and decision-making in schools, counteracting existing power structures that perpetuate inequity.
  • Regularly analyze multiple sources of data to consistently move toward equitable outcomes for all members of our community.

Anticipated Changes

  • All students are lifelong learners, fully prepared to be successful in four-year college and a career of their choice.
  • Graduates have a clear sense of personal purpose and are equipped to pursue it throughout their lives.
  • All members of our community recognize and value their cultural identity and have a strong sense of self worth.
  • Schools support students and graduates as community change-makers who are committed to promoting equity and compelled to serve.
  • Parents, students, community members and staff are active decision-makers in their school community.
  • Schools are staffed by skilled, experienced, dedicated and diverse educators prepared to support positive identity development and equipped to actively interrupt instances of inequity.
  • School staff and leadership better reflect the backgrounds and experiences of the communities they serve.

Core Values

  • Community: We are best when we respect, value and celebrate our diversity and strengthen our connections.
  • Integrity: We act on our shared and personal values, especially in the face of adversity.
  • Love: We extend ourselves so that all feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  • Social justice: We act with courage and commitment to move toward a just and equitable world.
  • Agency: We are empowered to pursue purposeful action as life-long changemakers.

Where Oakland Shines