Lighthouse has been named a Teach For America “School to Learn From”

December 18, 2014

After reviewing 44 initial round applications, the Teach for America Review Committee narrowed its list to 29 finalists. After an extensive analysis of finalists’ transformational vision statement, student academic achievement data, a multitude of pieces of core value evidence, a professional development plan and a school site visit agenda, the Review Committee presented four diverse Schools to Learn From.

All four selected Schools to Learn From schools:

  • Provide students an excellent education that addresses all four components of what we at TFA believe constitutes an excellent education:
    • Students gaining strong academic skills and knowledge.
    • Students growing personally o Students developing social, political and cultural consciousness
    • Students gaining access to opportunities in ways that are aligned with their own strengths, interests and values
  • Do outstanding work in Teach for America’s Core Values of Diversity, Team: School Culture, and Team: Adult Culture or Respect & Humility
  • Achieve strong academic results
  • Demonstrate immense capacity to teach and share greatness through their Professional Development Plan and learning experiences outlined in their School Visit Agenda

See the Schools to Learn From School Profiles


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