Community-Wide Outcomes

As a family of schools committed to addressing the educational inequities that threaten our entire community, we are the ones who must transform to better serve our students. We cannot do this by replicating the power structures that have created this lack of equity. Therefore, a crucial part of our work is to transform leadership and decision-making structures that disempower into structures that are inclusive and empowering.

  • Members of the LCCPS community feel connected to the school and each other.
  • Members of the LCCPS community are lifelong learners.
  • Members of the LCCPS community are empowered decision-makers with a voice in the school.

Student Outcomes

  • LCCPS graduates are prepared to be successful in a four-year college and career of their choice.
  • LCCPS students are purposeful and self-aware.
  • LCCPS students are academically proficient.
  • LCCPS students are committed to service and justice.
  • LCCPS students are relationship builders.

Family Outcomes

Families are the experts regarding their children, and as such are essential partners in their education. Strong relationships between families and school allow us to learn from families as well as helping families build their capacity to support the academic, social, and emotional growth of their children.

  • LCCPS families are partners in their children’s education.

Staff Outcomes

All staff in the school community have a critical role to play in achieving our mission. We are committed to building a strong and diverse team that engages in enduring practices for collaborative and individual growth.

  • LCCPS staff are skilled, diverse, experienced, and culturally-competent.
  • LCCPS staff are engaged members of the school community.

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