School Design

Holding Every Child to High Expectations

  • School-wide beliefs, by teachers, parents, and students that all students will go to college.
  • Quarterly, standards-based interim assessments to track mastery of learning standards.
  • Passage presentations during which students demonstrate their readiness for the next grade level.
  • Untracked, heterogeneous classrooms.
  • College-counseling for every high school student.

Rigorous, Real-World Curriculum

  • State and National Standards-Based Curriculum Learning investigations.
  • Comprehensive Literacy Model and early literacy intervention.
  • Focus on English Language Acquisition.
  • Before and after school programs.
  • Home Language Program Arts, Music, Fitness Programs.
  • Lighthouse Creativity Lab!

Structures and Programs Serving the "Whole Child"

  • Individual Learning Plans for each student.
  • 10 Guiding Principles that create a school culture of respect, caring, and collaboration.
  • Social and emotional counseling for individuals and groups of students.
  • Healthy meals program available to all.

Families as Partners

  • Family Learning Nights focused literacy and math throughout the year.
  • One-on-one meetings with teachers three times/year to discuss progress and individual goals for the child.
  • Weekly meetings ("Coffee Tuesday") for families to learn and engage with the school.

Professional Learning Community

  • Teachers work 20 additional days per year to learn best practices of teaching and learning.
  • Quarterly analysis of student data to improve instruction.
  • Peer observation.
  •  Teachers as leaders of professional development.